Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic

Photo: Daniel Miot,

Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic (born September 3rd 1964) is the oldest of the visionaries, as well as the most publically available: Ever since the first apparitions in 1981 Vicka has been talking to the pilgrims from the stairway leading up to her little, blue childhood home at the foot of Apparition Hill in Medjugorje.

Vicka is energetic, very extrovert and has been untiring in passing on the Virgin Mary’s message. Whenever possible she meets with the pilgrims, talks to them and prays over them. She has been instrumental in at least a couple of miraculous healings. Her joy is unmistakable and her big smile, for many years a hallmark of Medjugorje, rarely leaves her face.

She radiates the joy of living with God, a joy that has inspired thousands and thousands of people to convert. When he met her in 1995, experienced and sceptical Rolling Stone investigative reporter Randall Sullivan found himself unable to ask her even simple questions, going on to conclude that Vicka was the most impressive person he ever met in his life, eclipsing the Dalai Lama, too.

Vicka’s special call is to pray for the sick, a group she can readily relate to since Vicka’s own health has oftentimes been fragile. Most of her suffering has been mysterious and redemptive suffering, though – voluntarily undertaken at the Virgin Mary’s request, like many canonized Saints also suffered. One example was the mysterious comas she suffered from in the second part of the 1980s.

While Vicka is untiring and uncompromising in passing on the Virgin Mary’s message, making herself available to everyone who asks, her daily apparitions have been private since the mid-1980s. This rare photo of Vicka’s apparition was taken in Brazil in March 1998

Another example was a brain tumor, delicately placed so the doctors could not remove it. Yet Vicka told everyone not to worry about her, and to her confessor she wrote down the date when the tumor would be gone. She sealed the date in two envelopes, and when the date she had prophecied arrived, the doctors found Vicka’s tumor gone. She revealed that her sacrifice had been for the salvation of souls. In the same way and again for the Virgin’s purposes, Vicka also voluntarily accepted several discontinuations of her daily apparitions, for periods of up to 50 days.

Wanting to make herself completely available to the pilgrims as long as possible, Vicka waited until she was 37 before marrying Marijo Mijatovic in January 2002. They live a short way outside of Medjugorje with their daughter Marija-Sofija and their son Ante.