Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo

Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo was born on March 18th 1965. She was the second visionary to see the Virgin Mary when she first appeared in Medjugorje on June 24th 1981, Ivanka being the first.

Mirjana is a rare combination of impressive spiritual strength and charisma on the one hand – and a great sensitivity  on the other hand. She has often explained how coming back to earth from the blissful state of the apparition is very difficult, and that she has to spend at least an hour alone in prayer after each apparition to be able to accept this destiny. Mirjana is deep, very intelligent and has gone to great lengths in her attempts at telling all that she is allowed to tell – without revealing too much.

While the daily apparitions have continued to this day for the visionaries Vicka, Marija and Ivan, Mirjana was the first among the group to lose her daily apparition. Mirjana’s last daily apparition took place on Christmas Day 1982 when the Virgin, according to Mirjana, told her that she had understood her message well, and that time had come for her to live on faith alone like all other believers.

Mirjana was told that, for the rest of her life, she would have an apparition every year on her birthday, and indeed this has been the case ever since. According to Mirjana, the Virgin Mary also told her that she would appear to her to console her and guide her through times of special troubles. On August 2nd 1987 Mirjana started to receive an apparition on every second day of the month. Prompted by the Virgin, these apparitions have been open to the public since February 2nd 1997.

Mirjana in 1999

Mirjana’s troubled times have to do with her knowledge of the 10 prophetic secrets entrusted to her by the Virgin. She knows a great deal about the future of the world and of Medjugorje’s future, and while in recent years she has more or less refused to talk about the secrets, interviews from 1983 and 1985 made it perfectly clear that the last four secrets are grave events while at least some of the first ones are joyful ones waiting for mankind. A very well-developed sense of humour has helped her keep too curious questions from interviewers and pilgrims at bay. To everyone she recommends to live the Virgin’s message: People who do so have nothing to fear from the secrets, Mirjana has repeatedly said.

Instead her worries have to do the many unbelievers, people living without faith or “those who have not yet experienced the love of God” as Mirjana, inspired by the Virgin, prefers to call this group of people. Referring to her knowledge of the secrets, Mirjana has said that “every time I see an unbeliever, I know what awaits him”. She urges prayer and fasting for people without faith to convert, and praying for the unbelievers is her special call, entrusted to her by the Virgin. Her monthly apparitions, usually attended by thousands of people, serve the same purpose.

The first visionary to receive the tenth and last secret, Mirjana will also have a key role when the time of the secrets draws close. Since the mid-1980s she has repeatedly said that, for each of the secrets, she will alert the Franciscan priest Fr. Petar Ljubicic ten days in advance. Along with the priest she will then pray and fast on bread and water for a week before Fr. Petar announces each secret to the world three days in advance.

In 1989 she married her childhood friend Marko Soldo. The couple live in Medjugorje with their two daughters, Marija and Veronika.