Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti

Marija in May 2011. Photo: Daniel Miot,

Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti (born April 1st 1965) receives the Virgin Mary’s monthly message to the world, given on the 25th day of each month. This has been the case since January 25th 1987. For almost three years before that Marija also received the Virgin’s weekly message which was given each Thursday to build up the parish and the parishioners of Medjugorje to become a great light for the world.

When the apparitions began, Marija was timid and shy. This has changed and now she comes across as outspoken and more extrovert. Quite remarkably her level of intelligence has also increased since the onset of the apparitions: In her early teens Marija had to repeat a year in school whereas a scientific investigation in 1998 showed her intelligence to be above average.

Marija during her apparition in Lignano, Italy, in May 2011. Photo: Daniel Miot,

In spite of her almost self-eradicating attitude during the early years of the apparitions, she still impressed many people who met her by her serenity and deeply spiritual nature. She still does to this day. For more than ten years before her marriage in September 1993 Marija contemplated to become a nun, a vocation she might have undertaken if she had not been adviced by Mother Superiors  that a life as a nun might also imply for her to keep silent about the messages she receives from the Virgin.

When Marija was in her mid-20s the Virgin Mary gave her the gift of speaking fluent Italian, a skill that developed from one day to the next. Shortly afterwards she met Paolo Lunetti, today her husband and father of her four sons. Marija and her family live part-time in Milano and part-time in Medjugorje where she is quite often speaking to the pilgrims.

Her special prayer mission, entrusted to her by the Virgin, is to pray for priests, nuns and the souls in Purgatory.