Ivanka Ivankovic-Elez

Ivanka Ivankovic-Elez (born June 21st 1966) was the first Medjugorje visionary to see the Virgin Mary on June 24th 1981. She was also the first to get married (to Rajko Elez, in 1986) and the first to have a child. Today they couple have three, two sons and a daughter.

Never too fond of all the attention that goes along with being a visionary, upon getting married Ivanka withdrew alltogether to devote all time to her family. Praying for families is also her special mission, entrusted to her by the Virgin Mary. While her children were small, her public testimonies were rare but in recent years she has become more outgoing, also speaking at Marian conferences in The United States.

On May 7th 1985 Ivanka became the second visionary to lose her daily apparition. During this last daily encounter the Virgin Mary told her, according to Ivanka, that her daily apparitions did not cease because Ivanka had done anything wrong. On the contrary she had fulfilled everything that Jesus and the Virgin had so far wanted of her.

Ivanka was further told that, from then on, she would have an apparition every year on June 25th, the anniversary of the first apparition. This has been the case ever since. With a few exceptions all of Ivanka’s yearly apparitions have been private, attended only by her family.

Her daily apparitions having come to an end, Ivanka knows all 10 secrets the Virgin Mary intends to entrust to each Medjugorje visionary. In recent years her yearly apparitions have followed a progression so the Virgin has talked to her about the fifth secret one year, the sixth secret the next year and so on.