June 26th

By the third day, news of the apparitions had spread far beyond Medjugorje, and in the afternoon about 3,000 people gathered on the hill. They did not only come from the surrounding villages and towns, but from even greater distances, too. They were rewarded by seeing a brilliant light that shone on the village and the entire area.

Jakov Colo with Vicka Ivankovic in the early 1980s. "Now when I have seen her, I can die, I don't mind", Jakov said upon his first apparitions. He was 10 years old

Among the followers was 12 years old Jozo Ostojic, well-known in the area for having recently set a new regional record for the 100 meter dash. Now he, too, became a witness of the amazing speed by which the visionaries rushed up the hill, as if flying or pulled by an invisible force, just like they had the day before.

The one who amazed the young aspiring athlete the most was 10 years old Jakov Colo:

“Jakov was two years younger than me, and not really athletic; normally I can outrun him by a huge distance. But on that day, I couldn’t come close to keeping up with him. He and the others seemed to be flying up that hill. There was no path, just rocks and thornbushes, but all six of them were moving at an incredible speed, bounding from rock to rock, taking enormous strides. I was running as fast as I could, but falling further and further behind, and so were the grown men running with me”, Jozo Ostojic later testified.

Even to this day, the path up Apparition Hill is covered by rocks and stones, big and small. But on the second, third, fourth, and fifth day, according to numerous eyewitnesses, the visionaries seemed to be flying up the hill at great speed

When the vision had begun, Vicka sprinkled holy water on the apparition saying “If you are Our Lady, stay with us. If you are not, be gone!”. Vicka did not spare the water, but emptied the entire bottle on the apparition. According to the visionaries, the Virgin Mary smiled beautifully. They understood her smile to indicate her pleasure with this little test.

The heat was intense, and the throngs of people only added to it. Mirjana and Ivanka even fainted and had to be secluded and revived.

The apparition was a long one, lasting about 30 minutes. The visionaries asked the Virgin a number of questions, among them why she had come to their village.

“I have come because there are many true believers here. I have come to convert and reconcile the whole world”, the Virgin Mary replied.

“Why are you appearing to us? We are no better than any others”, one of the visionaries said. “I do not necessarily choose the best”, the Virgin humorously answered.

When the apparition had ended and people were descending the hill, the Virgin Mary  suddenly re-appeared to Marija only. To Vicka, walking a bit behind Marija, it looked as if she was being tossed to the side. A local man, Ante Kozina, was about 15 feet behind Marija when she suddenly turned right, looked at the sky, stretched her arms, and knelt down. The people in the crowd behind her also stopped, riveted. Ten minutes later Marija returned to this world and looked up. Her face was bathed in tears, and she was unable to stand on her feet to begin with.

“I am 100 percent sure something supernatural happened to that girl”, Ante Kozina later testified.

The plain wooden cross erected on the spot where Marija Pavlovic saw the Virgin Mary in tears on June 26th

According to Marija, the experience had been “overwhelming”, and immediately had made her commit herself completely to the Virgin Mary’s request: She had seen the Virgin in front of a bare cross formed of all colours of the rainbow. In tears she had been urging:

“Peace, peace peace! Be reconciled! Only peace. Make your peace with God and among yourselves. For that, it is necessary to believe, to pray, to fast, and to go to confession”.

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