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The first days

One of the earliest known photos of the visionaries, taken on Apparition Hill on June 29th 1981, the sixth day of the apparitions. Left to right: Ivan, Marija, Mirjana, Ivanka, Vicka and Jakov

No one expected it. No one organized it. No one was leading it. The story about the first days of the apparitions in Medjugorje is a story about six young ordinary people and the events that transformed them forever – immediately believed by the local people, but also from the onset subjected to fierce opposition from the ruling Communists in what was then Yugoslavia.

With the local Franciscan priests initially skeptical, fearing the claim of apparitions to be a hoax perpetrated by the Communists with the aim of damaging the Church, the visionaries found themselves in the midst of three very different reactions. But whether questioned by priests or policemen, their answer was the same: “We see what we see, and the one we see is the Virgin Mary.”

June 24th, 1981
June 25th

June 26th
June 27th
June 28th
June 29th
June 30th
July 1st