The first secret will cause self-examination

Mirjana and Fr. Petar Ljubicic about the time of their interview in October 1985

Aside of Vicka, who has told that her first secret has to do with the church in Medjugorje (1), Mirjana has been the only visionary to hint at what will happen when the secrets of the Medjugorje apparitions begin to unfold.

On October 26th 1985 Mirjana gave the most enlightening interview in existence about the beginning of the 10 secrets.. The day before the Virgin Mary had shown her the visible consequences of the first secret.

The interview is a very valuable piece of documentation: Because the vision was fresh and clear in Mirjana’s memory, and because the interviewer was Fr. Petar Ljubicic, by that time already chosen as the priest to reveal her secrets to the world.

The first secret “will not be any pleasant”. It will be “something that people will hear about very far”. The first secret will “abundantly speak for itself” and so will need nothing to precede it. The people in Medjugorje “will know immediately that it is in connection with the secrets”. It will be something, Mirjana told Fr. Petar Ljubicic, “that everyone, everywhere will immediately hear about”. (2)

But this does not mean that people will rush to the site where the first secret will have just occured, Mirjana also predicted:

“Surely no one wishes to watch disasters, distress, and misfortune. I don’t think this sort of thing attracts people at all. Why would people go to see something of that sort? It is one thing to go and see a sign, quite another to go and see suffering or a disaster. Who would, for example, go to Italy to see a dam collapse?” Mirjana said.

Mirjana’s first secret will make people stop and think

Franciscan priest Fr. Petar Ljubicic – chosen by Mirjana in 1985 to reveal her secrets to the world. While acknowledging his great responsibility, Fr. Petar also views his role as a special grace from God. Fully at peace and very joyful he even looks forward to the days when he shall fulfill his unusual mission

During the apparition on October 25th  1985 Mirjana saw the first secret as pictures projected on slides:

“It shook me the most. That was, of course, due to seeing the first secret. If people saw the first secret, as it was shown to me yesterday, all of them would most certainly be shaken enough to take a new and different look at themselves and everything around them. I now know things that are not particularly pleasant. I believe that if everyone knew about the same things, each one of these people would be shocked to their senses and would view our world in a completely different light”, Mirjana told Fr. Petar Ljubicic the day after the vision.

“It will last for a little while. It will be visible; it is necessary to shake up the world a little. It will make the world pause and think.”

During the 1985 interview Fr. Petar Ljubicic also asked Mirjana if anyone would say that the event of the first secret was simply a natural phenomenon. In answering Mirjana included her second secret, too:

“Perhaps some staunch unbelievers might say something like that after the first and the second”, Mirjana replied.

In spite of her descriptions, the first secrets will not be catastrophes in the literal sense, the visionary also revealed:

“It will not be anything as huge as that. That will come later. These first two secrets are not all that severe and harsh. What I mean is, yes, they are severe, but not as much as the remaining ones. (…) What follows are the secrets which are really unpleasant. I would be happy if everyone would finally understand that. I cannot tell them much more, but once they begin to be fulfilled, then it will be too late”.

Mirjana: Convert, pray and fast

The spot of the first apparition where the visionaries say that a permanent sign will appear to make many more believe and convert

In 1985 as today Mirjana urged people to prepare for the beginning of the secrets. Then as now, preparation means conversion:

“The Blessed Virgin told me that it is necessary to pray a great deal until the first secret is revealed. But in addition to that it is necessary to make sacrifices as much as possible, to help others as much as it is within our abilities, to fast – especially now before the first secret. She stated we are obliged to prepare ourselves.”

“She not only asks but pleads with everyone to convert, to pray, to fast. They have no idea what awaits them, and that is why, as their Mother, she is in deep anguish for them”, Mirjana said, referring to people who do not believe, and so live their lives without God.

“It is not enough to just simply pray. It is not enough to just quickly say some prayers so that one can say that they prayed and did their duty. What she wants from us is to pray from the depths of our souls, to converse with God. That is her message”, Mirjana told Fr. Petar Ljubicic. (2)

According to all of the visionaries, the first two secrets will be followed by the only one they have been allowed to describe in some detail. This event, the event of the third secret, is known as The Permanent Sign.

(1) Fr. Ljudevit Rupcic and Fr. René Laurentin: “Is the Virgin Mary Appearing at Medjugorje?”, The Word Among Us Press 1984
(2) Mirjana Dragicevic interviewed by Fr. Petar Ljubicic on October 26th 1985, quoted here from the news service Spirit Daily