The 10 secrets

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A few months into the apparitions the Virgin Mary began to entrust to the visionaries informations they were not allowed to share with other people. These informations are prophecies – future events foretold by the Virgin.

Commonly referred to as “the secrets”, according to their testimonies each visionary knows or will come to know ten such future events. Mirjana, Ivanka and Jakov have testified to having received all ten secrets and no longer have a daily apparitions. Marija, Ivan and Vicka say they know nine of the secrets and still have daily apparitions.

Based on the Virgin Mary’s messages and the testimonies of the visionaries, in five articles Medjugorje Today outlines what is known and can be documented about the Medjugorje secrets.

Introduction and general overview
The first secret will cause self-examination
A permanent sign will make many convert
The four last secrets are very serious
Mary will triumph, bring on era of peace