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The 1990s

Mirjana’s apparition on March 18th 1997 at Cenacolo Community, Medjugorje.
No date is given. Photo research has established this to be Mirjana’s birthday apparition in 1997.
The apparition begins at 0.04.

During the apparition the Virgin Mary gives this message:

“Dear children! As a mother I beseech you, do not go on the way you have been going. That is a way without love toward neighbour and toward my Son. On that way, you will find only hardness and emptiness of heart, and not the peace that everyone is crying out for. Genuine peace will be had only by the one who sees and loves my Son in his neighbour. In whose heart my Son reigns, that one knows what peace is and tranquillity. Thank you having responded to my call.”