Commission may end with Benedict XVI

It is unknown if the Vatican Commission on Medjugorje will continue its work after its initiator, Pope Benedict XVI, leaves his office on February 28, Croatian tv’s Rome correspondent reports. With an unknown agenda, the Commission meets in Rome today, on the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter.

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Pope Benedict XVI announced the Vatican Commission on Medjugorje on March 17th 2010. Now when he leaves office, it is unknown if the Commission’s work will continue, Croatian tv’s Rome correspondent reports

Uncertainty surrounds the Vatican Commission’s work of investigating Medjugorje after Pope Benedict XVI resigns on February 28. At this point, it is unknown if the work will continue, the Croatian tv station HTV’s Rome correspondent Silvije Tomasevic reports, according to the regional news portal Brotnjo Info.

What is known, however, is that the Commission meets in Rome on February 22, the Feast Day of the Chair of St. Peter. The session is being confirmed by the press office of the Archdiocese of Zagreb whose head, Cardinal Josip Bozanic, is a member of the Commission.

Nothing is known of the agenda of the session. In January, Commission chairman Cardinal Camillo Ruini said that a bit more work is needed, but that he hoped the Commission could finish before long.

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