Medjugorje records its second-best year

Surpassed only by 2011, the 30th anniversary of the Virgin Mary’s apparitions, 2012 became Medjugorje’s the second-best year. The number of distributed Holy Communions went above 1,800,000 for only the third time, and the number of Mass concelebrations was the highest ever.

medjugorje communion communions holy pilgrims number second best record 2012 youth festival

Holy Communion by the thousands, ready for distribution at the Youth Festival in Medjugorje 2012

Medjugorje had its second-best year ever in 2012, measured by the number of visiting pilgrims. 1,814,900 Holy Communions were distributed, according to new stats from the parish office. The second-best year so far, 2007, was surpassed by a narrow margin of 6,000 distributions.

In lack of stats showing the number of guests at Medjugorje’s hotels and pensions, and with some pilgrims spending the night outside of Medjugorje, the number of distributed Communions has been the only somewhat precise indicator of Medjugorje’s popularity since the number was first recorded in 1985.

Last year is surpassed only by 2011 when Medjugorje recorded more than 2 million Holy Communions distributed in one year for the first and so far only time in history. The year marked the 30th anniversary of the Virgin Mary’s apparitions and saw an extraordinary number of pilgrims, and so a drop was expected for 2012.

With a total of 42,009 Mass concelebrations by priests, 2012 became the best year ever on this front, surpassing the 41,096 concelebrations from 2011.