Commission findings may never get known

It is not for the Vatican Commission on Medjugorje itself to decide if its conlusions should be publicly known, says Cardinal Camillo Ruini, chairman of the Commission. No statement may even be released, says Cardinal Ruini. An Italian expert says the Pope may not get involved.

cardinal camillo ruini vatican commission medjugorje

Cardinal Camillo Ruini

Exactly what the current Vatican Commission has found and concluded in what will soon be three years of work on Medjugorje may never get known by the general public. And if its conclusions should be made known is not up to the Commission itself.

“It will take just a bit longer, Not much, I hope. But, it is not an immediate thing. We are a consulting commission, we offer our opinion and pass it along to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. They are the ones who will decide or not to release a statement” Commission chairman Cardinal Camillo Ruini tells Rome Reports.

saverio gaeta author autore medjugorje journalist giornalista

Saverio Gaeta

Saverio Gaeta, an Italian investigative journalist and author of books on Medjugorje, feels sure there will not be a public declaration, but that the public may likely get to know the Commission’s conclusions anyway. Gaeta further says the case may be decided without the involvement of Pope Benedict XVI who announced the Commission, a statement that deviates from what has been the general expectation since the Commission was formed:

pope benedict xvi 16 cardinal camillo ruini

Pope Benedict XVI formed the Medjugorje Commission, Cardinal Camillo Ruini (left) is heading it. But none of their voices may ultimately end up being heard, an Italian author of books of Medjugorje surprisingly says

“There won’t be a public declaration, because it is not the commission’s duty to say anything to the public. The role of the commission is to give a reasonable explanation to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which will not be published officially, however it will likely be leaked. But, the motivation for the commission is to form an opinion and pass it along to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. They will then evaluate it and decide whether to get the Pope involved” says Saverio Gaeta.

He further deviates from reports coming from both Croatia and Rome in recent months, consistently expecting the Vatican Commission to let the question of the authenticity of the apparitions remain undecided by a time when the visionaries say they are still going on. Gaeta says the Commission is obliged to state if it believes the apparitions are authentic or not:

“They are required to have greater accuracy. They feel the weight of such a petition, which came from the Pope directly. So they must deepen their understanding of these alleged apparitions as much as possible, to find a way to analyze, from a pastoral point of view, all that is happening there” he says.