Media: Rome positive but case remains open

The Vatican Commission is impressed with Medjugorje’s worldwide fruits but its final view cannot be predicted, a Croatian newspaper writes. Recognizing and dismissing the apparitions are both unlikely. Another half year of work is needed before the members vote, probably in secret.

Another half year is needed for the Vatican Commission to finish its work, a Croatian newspaper writes

Another half year is needed for the Vatican Commission to finish its work, a Croatian newspaper writes

Investigating Medjugorje will continue in Rome. Though the recent session of the Vatican Commission was reported to be the final one, it only concluded one part of the investigation, and the Commission cannot be expected to finish its work until mid-2013.

A source allegedly close to the work of the Commission further tells the Croatian newspaper Vecernji List that neither recognition nor condemnation of the visionaries’ claim of having apparitions should be expected from the 17 members strong international Commission.

Camillo Camillo Ruini Vatican Commission Medjugorje

Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the Chairman of the Commission

“In his words, at the moment no one can say with certainty what the view of the International Commission on Medjugorje will be, except that the whispers in the corridors of the Vatican are still louder that the stance of the Commission will be a kind of compromise” Vecernji List reports.

“Our source dismissed claims by some foreign media who have reported that the upcoming Vatican statement will acknowledge supernatural happenings in Medjugorje. Nor will the 31 year old phenomenon be dismissed, as some in turn expect” the paper continues.

About one part of the investigation, though, the Zagreb newspaper writes that the outcome is already given, and will not only be positive, but very much so:

“The decision will be extremely positive about a phenomenon that has already yielded many fruits around the world, from the great number of the conversions to healings, and devotion” Vecernji List is reporting.

vineyard medjugorje

Medjugorje’s fruits will be recognized beyond uncertainty but aside of that, the conclusions of the Vatican Commission cannot yet be predicted, writes Vecernji List

Vecernji List further learns that the members of the Commission “will probably vote in secret on which stand should be taken to the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith” from where the report will be formally handed over to Pope Benedict XVI.

Also new is the newspaper’s information that the Commission has been working “on at least three levels”: Plenary sessions with the members assembled and questioning of witnesses, work on expert level, and finally work in the field.

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