Traffic plan makes a town of Medjugorje

Parking space for 80 cars from the rotunda halfway to Cross Mountain shall help solve Medjugorje’s traffic problems. So shall one-way driving from the church to both mountains. As Medjugorje moves on from village into town, local meeting representative says nothing will be as it was.

medjugorje road city map

Medjugorje’s road system is circular, and one-way traffic from the central area around the church to both Cross Mountain and Apparition Hill will form part of the solution to the current traffic problems. From the rotunda (centre, left of the church) along the upper central vertical road to Cross Mountain, 80 new parking spaces will be created on the first half of the road

Medjugorje will be further significantly changed in the years to come. 80 more parking spaces will get to cover an area from the rotunda and halfway along the road to Cross Mountain.

One-way traffic from the church to Apparition Hill as well as to Cross Mountain was also decided at a meeting with civil authorities and police representatives on Friday.

Many novelties will be introduced, and their implementation will mark a new time for Medjugorje, the local community’s meeting representative Dragan Vasilj tells the Mostar-based newspaper Dnevni List.

“Nothing will be as it used to be” says Vasilj who had requested the meeting.

By introducing one-way driving on the narrow roads from St. James’ Church to both of the mountains, Medjugorje will employ its circular road system to the solution of the current traffic problems mainly caused by an increasing influx of buses, and a sizable fleet of local taxis.

“Buses that go to Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain are passing through the villages Vasilj and Sego. We ask that those who go to Apparition Hill in this way do not return back the same way, but complete the circle through Bijakovici, and that those who go to Cross Mountain do likewise, and return to the church through Miletina” Dragan Vasilj tells Dnevni List.

Charging 20 Euro per bus to both mountains was likewise suggested. In this area, no decision will be made until more local people have expressed their opinion through interviews.

The current parking problems have consequences all along the main street as well.

“With souvenir shops occupying half of the sidewalk,  the passage of pedestrians is being disabled when someone has parked improperly” says Dragan Vasilj who also brought up the community’s dissatisfaction with the work of the local police.

Ivan Milicevic, commander of Police Station Citluk, said the police precinct of Medjugorje cannot perform high quality work due to an insufficient number of policemen, a situation he said he informed his superiors about on a number of occasions.

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