Mary will bless apparition viewers online

Medjugorje visionary Ivan Dragicevic’s apparition on November 17 in the Cathedral of Vienna will be live-streamed. According to Ivan, the Virgin Mary will bless all online viewers who pray along and follow the apparition, as if they had been physically present. Religious items brought next to the computer will also be blessed.

Medjugorje visionaries Ivan Dragicevic and Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti in the Cathedral of Vienna on September 23rd 2010. Almost 400,000 people throughout the world followed their apparition via MaryTV's live-stream. Photo:

A six-digit number of people from all over the world will be praying in front of their computers when Medjugorje visionary Ivan Dragicevic’s apparition on November 17 in Vienna, Austria, is being live-streamed in English and Spanish by MaryTV, and in German by Kathnet.

Transmission will begin at 4 pm local time (GMT +1), equaling 10 am EST. The Rosary will be prayed from about 5 pm local time (11 am EST) before Ivan’s apparition at 5.40 (11.40 am EST).

MaryTV had 398,546 online viewers when Ivan last visited the Viennese Cathedral, on September 23rd 2010 along with fellow visionary Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti. Many were attracted by two unique charactereristics of the live-streamed apparitions. These two characteristics first surfaced when MaryTV streamed Ivan’s apparitions from Medjugorje on six consecutive days in July and August 2010:

Denis and Cathy Nolan praying the Rosary on MaryTV's roof in Medjugorje, early August 2010. Photo: MaryTV

“Ivan told us that those connected through the internet are prayed over by Our Lady the same as those kneeling right next to him during the apparition. And the religious items they have with them that they would like Our Lady to bless are blessed the same as the religious items placed right in front of her during the apparition” MaryTV President Denis Nolan recalls.

This unusual grace will be bestowed once more on November 17, and expectations are big at MaryTV. Recently, an introduction to the live-stream by chief technical engineer Tom Matasso made way for a strong experience for MaryTV message commentator Cathy Nolan:

“Tom was describing how the live feed would go out to the whole world via the internet, and in a moment I had a flash of insight about it.  I could see how Our Lady would be able to look at and bless and touch her children all over the world in one moment, through the internet. “

“It was like lightening going out to the whole world bringing the graces of conversion, healing, blessing, and love.  I am convinced this will be a powerful moment for Our Lady” Cathy Nolan tells in a news update to MaryTV subscribers.

The Mass after Ivan’s apparition will be presided over by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. Last year the Cardinal welcomed the two Medjugorje visionaries:

“Dear Marija, dear Ivan, thank you – first of all – that you came!  Thank you that you came again! Thank you for your service across so many years, for your work, for your service of being messengers of Our Lady.  You bring us – children of this world, children of humanity – her love and her presence and may God pay you back one hundred fold for what you are doing tirelessly!” Cardinal Schönborn said.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn welcoming the visionaries to Vienna during last year's event

According to Ivan, the message given by the Virgin Mary last year in Vienna echoed the Cardinal’s emphasis on missionary work. The Virgin’s replacement of her usual farewell greeting “Thank you for having responded to my call” with  “Thank you that you will pray with me” also made the message stand out:

‘Thank you, dear children, that you have accepted my messages, that you live my messages. Thank you, dear children, that you will be my missionaries, my apostles, who will bring the message out into the world. Thank you, dear children, that you will be the carriers of the good news, of the beautiful news, of the happy news.  Thank you that you will pray with me.”

MaryTV urges all to spread the news of the live-stream on November 17 via e-mail address books, on social media and in other ways perceived to be effective. Local media might be interested if many people watch the apparition together.

Complete programme

4:00 PM Vienna time: Testimonies including Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow (founder of the charitable organisation Mary’s Meals)  (10:00 AM EST)
5:00 PM Vienna time: Rosary  (11:00 AM EST)
5:40 PM Vienna time: The Virgin Mary’s apparition to Ivan  (11:40 AM EST)
6:00 PM Vienna time: Ivan’s testimony  (12:00 Noon EST)
7:00 PM Vienna time:  Mass presided over by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn  (1:00 PM EST)
8:00 PM Vienna time: Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (2:00 PM EST)
9:00 PM Vienna time: Adoration ends  (3:00 PM EST)


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