Famous visionary believed in Medjugorje

Sister Lucia of Fatima believed in Medjugorje and prayed for the visionaries there says Archduchess whose aunt was personal secretary for the seer of the Church-approved apparitions in 1917. The cloistered nun Sister Lucia was worried because the Medjugorje visionaries are very much exposed to the world.

Archduchess Milona von Habsburg-de Rambures descends from the Austrian-Hungarian emperors but early gave up her privileged life to live and work in Medjugorje where she translated for the visionaries. Today she serves as International Ambassador for the Medjugorje-based charitable organization Mary's Meals

The 20th century’s most famous visionary of the Virgin Mary believed in the apparitions in Medjugorje. Sister Lucia dos Santos,  for decades the sole surviving visionary from the Virgin Mary’s Church-approved 1917 apparitions in Fatima, Portugal, also prayed for the Medjugorje visionaries.

This is being revealed by Archduchess Milona von Habsburg-de Rambures in an interview given to MaryTV. Her aunt served as personal secretary for the Fatima visionary who, according to her testimony, kept on having apparitions in her convent well into the days when the apparitions had begun in Medjugorje.

“My aunt always believed in Medjugorje because Sister Lucia also believed it and she was praying for the visionaries very much because she said that they are so exposed to the world, they are not protected and she was very worried about them” Milona von Habsburg-de Rambures tells MaryTV.

– Sister Lucia?

“Yes because I think we must understand, from them and from her, that they (the Medjugorje visionaries) only have the gift of unbelievable simplicity, they are so un-complicated. They are very, very, very sensitive and vulnerable and can be hurt” says the Archduchess who gave up her privileges years ago to live and work in Medjugorje, and who prefers to be called just Milona.

Sister Lucia of Fatima

“They see Our Lady in her fullness every single day, they open up so completely. They feel her peace , her goodness, her tenderness – and then they are faced with people who want something from them. And they only see her (the Virgin Mary) for a few moments and then they are all by themselves. They have to accept the messages like we do” says Milona von Habsburg-de Rambures, a personal friend of all the six Medjugorje visionaries.

“Sometimes we expect of them what they cannot be. Therefore great injustice can be done to these people and they should be protected from that.”