Oil from sculpture involved in woman’s cure

Julie Quintana from Los Angeles had a newly discovered breast cancer when she took off to Medjugorje in June. When she placed exuded oil from the Risen Christ sculpture behind St. James’ Church on top of her clothing, she felt a strong heat in her chest. Back home her next biopsy revealed her health to be perfect.

For ten years since 2001, the tall bronze sculpture of the Risen Christ behind St. James’ Church in Medjugorje has been exuding oil. Considered a relic by pilgrims who collect the drops in handkerchiefs, in June this year the exuded oil played a significant part in what appears to be the instantaneous cure from an early breast cancer for Julie Quintana of Los Angeles, she tells the website Medjugorje Miracles:

“The Wednesday before I left on my trip to Medjugorje, I had to have a biopsy done on my breast. I also received test results from a papsmear, which revealed I had a polyp in my cervix and pre-cancerous cells. I couldn’t see a specialist for this in such short notice, and would have to wait until I returned from my pilgrimage. So off I went to Medjugorje in a daze, wondering why on earth I was going to travel across the world at such a time” Julie Quintana recounts.

“One of the many beautiful gifts of Medjugorje, standing a few yards behind St. James Church, is a statue of the crucified Christ, which has been exuding a special oil from its right knee, continuously for many years now. Healings have been attributed to this oil, so my roommate Sue Larson stood in a line of pilgrims to collect some of this liquid. She decided to bless her eyes with drops of the liquid, since she’d had eye surgery in the past, and preferred not to go through it again.”

“I touched the oil with my fingers, made the sign of the cross, and put the special oil on several handkerchiefs I’d brought as gifts; and then I placed a drop of the oil on the center of my right breast, on top of my clothing, just over where there was a cluster of calcifications in the ducts, where the biopsy was done” Julie Quintana tells Medjugorje Miracles.

Intense heat where the drops touched

Drops exuding from the knee of the Risen Christ sculpture are collected daily by pilgrims

It did not take long for the pilgrims to feel an effect of the oil:

“As we were walking away from the crucifix, Sue stopped and exclaimed, “My eyes are burning with heat!” She was feeling an intense sensation of heat in the tissue of her eyes, from the top of her eyelids down to the top of her cheekbones.”

“After she said this, I stopped in my tracks. I, too, was feeling a strong heat where the oil had touched my body, both on my fingertips and on the exact spot on my right breast. Finding this hard to believe, three times I tested how that area on my right breast felt, compared with my left. Each time the left one was cold, while the right one was very warm, not only externally, but internally as well” Julie Quintana tells.

“We arrived home on Wednesday the 15th of June, and a week later, I received a report that my breast biopsy was benign. Then I saw the specialist, who put a big scope inside of me, which magnifies my insides with bright lights. “There is nothing there,” he said, “absolutely nothing. There’s no polyp, and the precancerous cells are completely gone.”

“I wanted to know how he was responding to this news, so I asked him to explain this, and he said, “Well, sometimes the body heals itself.”

“Well, I just went on a religious pilgrimage, I told him.”

And he responded with a smile, “It could be that.”

For a cure to be recognized as a miracle according to the standards of the Church, it must be instantaneous, lasting, and impossible to explain due to medication or other natural factors. While the cure of Julia Quintana seems to meet the first criteria, more time and studies will be needed as for the other two.