Mirjana has forgotten her secrets

Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo is likely to be at the forefront when the Virgin Mary’s 10 prophetic secrets are to be revealed to the world. But, due to a special grace, right now the secrets have been as if erased from the memory of the Medjugorje visionary who goes for extended periods of time without even thinking of them. Saying that she may not even be around when all of the secrets come to pass, Mirjana hints that some of them could also be revealed by somebody else. Asked whether a simultaneous, divine illumination of all people’s consciences is to be found among her secrets, Mirjana says she cannot talk about that.

Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo in April 2010

Sometimes it is better to forget. And this is exactly what has happened to Medjugorje visionary Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo in regard to the 10 prophetic secrets that the Virgin Mary has entrusted to her. At least for the moment – and only because she has received a special grace that allows her not to think about the future events she was first told about almost 30 years ago.

Without quoting Mirjana directly, Catholic author/journalist Michael H. Brown leaves no doubt that he obtained this information from Mirjana when, on June 13th in her home in Medjugorje, he interviewed her for his daily news service Spirit Daily.

“Mirjana says that the details of her secrets are usually blotted from her consciousness to the extent that she goes for extremely long periods giving them no thought, as if they were removed from her recollection. She says she was given a grace so that they are at least for now taken away from her so she does not become fearful or dwell on them”, writes Michael H. Brown.

Thorughout the years Mirjana has maintained that all of her secrets are written on a special parchment that the Virgin Mary gave to her. Made from a substance not known on earth, at the moment the parchment can only be read by Mirjana herself, she has said. Now, in the Spirit Daily interview, she adds that the parchment describes her 10 secrets in such detail that somebody else may end up revealing at least some of the contents to the world instead of her. Michael H. Brown continues his report:

“She can’t talk about whether the secrets will unfold in her lifetime. But she made the equally intriguing remark that the parchment is not so she can remember the secrets so much as in case she is not around for all the secrets.”

Michael H. Brown with another Cathiolic mystic, the late Maria Esperanza whom the Church is now investigating for sainthood

The parchment “includes dates and places, everything. I don’t have to be alive. I don’t think about it. The Blessed Mother comes to bring love and hope”, Spirit Daily quotes Mirjana to say.

During the interview Mirjana also repeats that “when the first warning comes, everyone around the world will know of the event immediately”. Previously, this has led some to speculate that the event could be identical to what the visionaries of the alleged apparitions in Garabandal (1961-65) called “the Warning”: a simulteneous, divine illumination of all people’s consciences, in effect making every person on earth see him or herself exactly as God sees the person.

This possible future event has also been prophecied by other Catholic mystics in centuries before the twentieth. But, when asked by Michael H. Brown, the Medjugorje visionary refuses to comment:

“When asked about the concept of a coming “illumination,” an event that would open the consciences of everyone on earth, Mirjana – again, intriguingly – said, “I cannot speak about that””, the American author/journalist passes on the content of their recent conversation. Then he adds:

“On the first secret, she says “Everyone will know at the same time”.”